The John Jay Athletic program offers outstanding student-athletes the support and training needed to compete and succeed in intercollegiate sports. The program is aligned with the institution’s academic mission of promoting students’ scholastic and personal development.  More information on the program is available at

John Jay is part of the City University of New York Athletic Conference that provides students with the opportunity to participate in a competitive athletic environment and supportive learning atmosphere, where they develop life skills such as leadership, sportsmanship, healthy living, and community service.

Equal Opportunity  

Both women and men are afforded equal participation opportunities through extensive athletic options, which include basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, cross-country, mixed rifles, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading and women’s swimming.

Join Us to Watch Athletics in Action  

Watching and participating in a variety of athletic activities is part of what makes the John Jay experience memorable. While we focus on supporting student-athletes at John Jay, we don’t forget about the spectators of our athletic events, as we organize interactive contests during all home events.  Come see the Bloodhounds in action and get to know our players! 

John Jay Athletics, Recreation, and Intramurals are for Each and Every Student 

The College offers a range of recreational activities, from intramural sports, physical fitness programs, leisure and social events to John Jay students, alumni and staff. As an important aspect of the John Jay experience, these activities are dedicated to fostering physical, mental, social and psychological wellness, while strengthening the participant’s competitive and team spirit. 

Visit our athletics website for more information.